The old-style butcher at the Abattoir Régional de Coaticook offers cuts of meat from local producers as well as home made products.

The Abattoir Régional de Coaticook holds a provincial inspection permit that allows it to market meats from local producers directly to butcher shop, restaurants, institutions and farms.


Gilles Bergeron, Jérémie Bergeron, Jacinthe Lévesque


- Different cuts of beef, pork, veal and lamb;

- Homemade cold cuts: cretons, pâtés, jerky and several varieties of pork and beef sausages and chicken sausages;

- Prepared meals: chicken pies, meat pies, Mexican pies, spaghetti sauce, pork leg stew and more!

Business TO KNOW MORE!

The Bergeron family has been in the food business for several decades.

Through multi-species slaughter, cutting meat for producers, not to mention making homemade products and selling meat in our butcher's counter. We always offer a custom cutout. At the butcher's shop, our meats are prepared in front of you as old-fashioned.