By being passionate and determined, Fou du Berger firmly believes that its milk can become an important staple of Quebec's families. After tasting our sheep's milk, it's nearly impossible to resist it.


  • Sheep Milk
  • Sheep Yogurt
  • Sheep Cheese

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After more than 20 years in the traditional dairy industry, Yanick Véronneau decided to change the focus of its production and turn to sheep's milk. He thus founded in 2010 his company, FOU DU BERGER.

Thanks to its experience, its leadership, and its determination, FOU DU BERGER quickly becomes an efficient and recognized producer who is committed to producing the best milk possible.

We have always processed sheep's milk. Feta, Roquefort, Romano, Manchego are, without a doubt, the most famous sheep's milk cheeses in the industry. Today, artisanal production leads to the transformation of sheep's milk at the peak of its refinement, producing fine cheeses with unique and remarkable flavors.