Cheese factory and goat farm; Organic and raw goat milk and cheese producers.


  • Goat cheeses: Tomme des Broussailles, Tomme aux Herbes, Chant des Broussailles, Feta, et le Broussaillon
  • Sheep cheese: Cru Berger

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After 10 years abroad doing agriculture, education, and music, we decided to come back to Québec in 2013 and establish ourselves in the Eastern Townships.

For a long time, we had had the dream to produce our own milk with the goal of creating an organic and raw cheese. We quickly started to produce the first cheese in May of 2015 with the milk of our own thirty alpine goats.

Since the beginning of May 2018, we added a new cheese, the Cru Berger, using organic sheep milk of a neighboring farm.